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Have You Scheduled Annual AC Maintenance Yet?

service-reminderReady to leave behind the cold weather for good—or at least for the season? Before you answer, think about your air conditioning system. Is it ready for the hot weather? Because if it isn’t, then you won’t be either! Any home air conditioner needs to have regular maintenance from HVAC professionals each spring. If you want to beat out the hot weather and have an AC that can handle the hottest days without breaking down or wasting energy, call our team today and arrange for an AC tune-up and inspection.

Is this really that important?

Yes, if you want your AC to give you the best return on your investment in it. Maintenance for an air conditioner is much like maintenance for a car: you don’t have to have it, but skipping it usually means inconvenience and extra expenses ahead—like having to get a replacement early!

Here are a few of the ways regular AC maintenance benefits you:

  • Lower operating costs – As an air conditioner runs, it accumulates dust, dirt, and wear. This makes it less energy efficient as it draws on more electrical power to run. Each year without maintenance will see efficiency drop by 5% or more. If you keep up with maintenance, your AC will retain 95% of its efficiency rating through most of its service life.
  • Long equipment life – The average lifespan of an air conditioning system in a home that doesn’t have maintenance is between 5 and 8 years. Maintenance almost doubles that. This is one of the biggest ways that maintenance saves you money.
  • Reduced repair needs – How often do you expect to need repairs for an AC? It shouldn’t be more than once a year—and during the system’s early life, it should be less frequent than that. Maintenance will prevent 85% of potential system repairs, so you’ll rarely need to pay to fix the system or deal with the inconvenience of an AC that isn’t working right.
  • Keep the warranty valid – Most manufacturer parts warranties are only valid if the AC unit has a licensed professional maintain it annually. With a current warranty, you’re protected from factory flaws that can bring your air conditioner to an early end.
  • Peace of mind – This may be the biggest benefit of all. Each summer, you can relax knowing that your cooling system isn’t likely to abruptly crash on you and leave your family trapped in a hot house until emergency repairs arrive.

We’ll take care of maintaining your AC

To handle your air conditioning service in Bolingbrook, IL, J&A offers a two-tier maintenance program. When you join the program, you’ll receive air conditioning and heating maintenance each year, along with a reminder notification so you don’t forget to schedule service. There are other membership benefits: a 15% discount on future service repairs, $25 annual equipment credit (up to $250), priority emergency response, and more. Call our office to find out more about the program and to schedule your air conditioning maintenance to prepare for the summer.

Johansen & Anderson Inc serves the Joliet, IL area. Contact J&A today, sleep tight tonight!

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