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It’s Time for AC Repair

Let’s take a moment to check in with your air conditioner—is it operating how you need it to so far this summer? If you can’t give this answer a strong “yes” then it’s time for you to schedule an appointment with our air conditioning professionals. Air conditioning repair isn’t something you want to go to just anyone for. Our professionals here are the only ones who are equipped to do the work.

If you need AC repair in Orland Park, ILan-air-conditioner-in-need-of-service, you can come to us for the work you want. We know that quality air conditioning repair isn’t always easy to find, even with many professionals around here offering it. You can come to us for the qualified work you need.

A Few Signs That You Need AC Repair

Are you unsure of the signs of an air conditioning repair need? We understand that it’s not always so straightforward, that’s why we’ve pulled together all the top signs of a problem for you to reference here:

You’re Never Cool Enough

When you turn on your air conditioner, there should be a brief period where you’re waiting for your home to cool off, but for the most part, you should be able to get the comfort you need fairly quickly. If your home isn’t like this, then you’re going to need to call our professionals to get the cooling that you really need. You should be able to cool your home no matter its size because your air conditioner should be perfectly fitted for your needs.

Your AC Bills Are Suspiciously High

Are your air conditioning bills too high for how you’re running your air conditioning system? Have you run your air conditioner the same way summer after summer and this summer is no exception … but your energy bills seem like you’ve turned your home into a personal ice-skating rink? It’s a problem and it’s a problem that you need to address as soon as possible. Come to us when you want amazing work from the professionals on our team.

There are Some Odd Occurrences at Home

When we’re talking about “odd occurrences,” we’re talking about short cycling, long run times, odd sounds, and even foul odors coming from your central air conditioning system when you turn your unit on. These are all things that we see homeowners try to brush off as weird oddities that might pass with a little time. In reality, they’re warning signs. Don’t’ ignore problems like this because you hope they’ll go away. Approach them head-on with the help of our team.

Nope, It’s Not Time to DIY

We find a lot of homeowners trying to DIY their problems away during this first half of the summer. We know that the internet makes it seem like this is possible, but this isn’t a good idea. You might be able to fix something for a while, but it’s not likely that this is a long-term fix. You need a professional for work you can count on. Call us today.

Contact Johansen & Anderson Inc. Call J&A today, sleep tight tonight. We’re going to perfect your air conditioning repair.

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