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You Need a New Water Heater

plumber-hot-water-heaterYes, you!

We’re talking to you here. Your water heater is failing and it’s time to cut your losses and upgrade to a new water heater for your home. We know that this isn’t the most enticing project in the world. This is especially true if your water heater troubles have taken you by surprise—we’re sure you don’t want to spend money that you weren’t even ready to let go of so soon. It can all be easy with our team, however.

If you’re ready for your new water heater installation in Romeoville, IL, just make sure that you’re coming to us. We’re the team of professionals who are going to provide you with the best work around. We understand the importance of great water heater services to keep your home comfortable and safe. Call us today.

It’s Time for You to Upgrade

Here are a few signs that it’s definitely time for you to upgrade your water heater. Our professionals can help you do it. Call us when you notice any of the following issues:

Your Water Heater Always Leaks

A leaking water heater isn’t something you should expect and/or have to deal with. It’s a problem, and while we know it’s one that you could patch up, it’s also an issue that’s going to damage your home if things really start to head south. Leaks only get worse with time. It’s not something that you can decide that you’re just going to continually patch up and keep chugging along. It’s eventually going to wear down your water heater to the point of non-operation, and you don’t want that. All you need to do is contact our professionals when you’re ready to upgrade.

Your Water Heater Is Unreliable

Is the water heater in your home entirely unreliable? Think about it: have you adjusted the way that you live in your home to work around your water heater’s annoying little quirks? Maybe you know the exact amount of time that you can stand in the shower before freezing cold water is raining down on you. Maybe you know that you can’t immediately start bathing because the water fluctuates from acceptable to scalding hot for the first minute or so of operation. No matter what the problem is, you’re going to need a professional to fix it.

You’re Paying Too Much for Hot Water

Are you paying too much for the hot water in your home? Let’s really talk about it. Your water heater services should always be reasonable unless you suddenly decide to turn your home into a human-sized aquarium. If you are using your hot water in the same way that you always have and you can’t see why your use is causing these spikes in energy consumption, it means that it’s probably time to cut ties with this system entirely and upgrade to one that can actually serve you. Just call us for the work that you need for your home.

Contact Johansen & Anderson Inc today for your water heater services in Romeoville, IL.

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