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Is It Too Late for an Air Conditioning Tune-Up?

air-conditioning-tune-upIn past posts, we’ve recommended air conditioning tune-ups, professional maintenance visits from trained air conditioning technicians, once per year. And typically, we recommend that you have this completed early in the summer or, better yet, in the spring.

So does that mean your time is up if you want to get your air conditioner into better shape for the remainder of the summer days? We don’t think so.

What an AC tune-up does for your system

Air conditioning tune-ups help your system to function smoothly for the remainder of the summer. This service requires a professional technician’s touch, but it’s well worth the cost. After a technician tunes up your system (and after you get any potential repairs the technician recommends afterwards), you should notice:

  • Improved performance and cooler temperatures
  • Better efficiency and lower bills
  • Over time, a longer lifespan

So why get a tune-up now?

By this time of year, you may not require your air conditioner so often. But if you or your family members are home at all during the day time, it’s likely going to get turned on at some point. It’s worth it to know that your air conditioner will be there when you need it, like at the end of summer or during a sudden heat wave or bout of humidity.

Besides, you can’t do it alone

We love taking on DIY projects around the home too, but we know our limits. You wouldn’t trust a plumber to install your cable, so why attempt to work on your air conditioner on your own?

You’re going to need experienced technicians to work on your air conditioner at some time or another, and the best time to do it is when rates are low, during a maintenance session, when you can catch problems early and get vital tune-ups that will keep the equipment running smoothly and efficiently.

The difference between repairs and maintenance

It’s important to know that if your air conditioner has noticeably decreased in terms of performance, or if it’s having trouble starting up or staying on, you’re going to need someone to come for repairs, not for a maintenance visit. End-of-season repairs are common (more so for air conditioners that don’t receive maintenance!), and it’s important to get the repairs you need ASAP rather than waiting for an appointment.

The best way to get maintenance

If you’re worried about getting a tune-up this late in the cooling season, we want to tell you about the most cost-effective way to get maintenance for your air conditioner and your heating system. Joining a maintenance program with a qualified local contractor ensures that you get two annual tune-ups per year, so that you know your air conditioner and heater are in good hands.

Typically, you make annual or monthly payments in exchange for this annual professional service. In some cases, with a quality plan, you get additional benefits like money off your services throughout the year. For example, with our gold membership, you get a 15% discount on all services!

Johansen & Anderson Inc is your source for your next air conditioning tune-up in Orland Park, IL. Contact us today!

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