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What Your AC Compressor Does and Why It Matters

We know that your main focus when you’re in the middle of an air conditioning problem is how you can handle it as fast as possible. If it’s the middle of the summer here in Orland Park, you’re going to want to be as cool again with a fixed air conditioner as fast as possible. We understand your sense of urgency at a time like this and we can be the team that can help you get your home back in shape quickly.

After the dust has settled on your air conditioning problem, the best thing that you can do for your home going forward is to understand how and why this problem happens. Contact our team for any air conditioning service in Orland Park, IL—we’ve got your back.

What’s an AC Compressor?

The compressor is the heart of your air conditioning system—almost literally, since it is what pumps the “life blood” of the AC, the refrigerant, through the system. The job of the compressor is to circulate the refrigerant throughout the coils of your air conditioning system both indoors and outdoors. The compressor is also in charge of applying energy to the refrigerant in your home.

Your air conditioner’s compressor is incredibly important. Knowing how this system works can help you understand your air conditioner better overall and avoid another air conditioning problem in the future.

Why Your Compressor Matters

So why exactly does the air conditioning systems’ compressor matter? It’s not every day that an HVAC professional is telling you that you need to know the specifics of a certain part of your air conditioning system. Without your compressor, your air conditioner won’t be able to circulate the refrigerant throughout the indoor and outdoor coils. Your system’s refrigerant is essential to the overall function of your air conditioner—it’s what allows this system to cool. An air conditioner without a compressor is like a body without a beating heart.

We promise we’re not being dramatic here—it’s essential that you have this component for your air conditioning system. You can’t get cool in your home without it.

Your compressor is essential. Understanding how this component works can tip you off to potential problems that will lead to the compressor failing. Symptoms of a failing air conditioner compressor include:

  • The air conditioner blowing warm air
  • A continually tripping circuit breaker
  • Your outdoor air conditioning unit starts to vibrate when the air conditioner runs
  • You notice some strange noises whenever you run your air conditioner

If you’ve read everything above and you’ve realized that you’re having trouble with your air conditioner’s compressor, it’s time to contact our team of HVAC professionals. You can’t trust an amateur for any of these services—faulty work on your air conditioner’s compressor can be just as bad as having an outright faulty compressor. Do yourself and your home a favor by contacting our professional team.

Contact Johansen & Anderson Inc today to schedule an appointment with our team.

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