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Signs that Your Commercial Refrigerator May Need Repair


A well-functioning commercial refrigerator is an absolutely critical part of many businesses. Whether you need to refrigerate perishable food items, medications, or something else, keeping the temperature consistent and accurate is how you keep your customers safe. But how do you know what to watch for so that you’ll be able to schedule a repair as soon as it becomes necessary?

Ice Buildup

When your commercial refrigerator is functioning properly, it will keep items cool without developing layers of ice. If you do notice ice, it can be a sign that repairs are required. Ice can build up on the freezer door, the evaporator coils, or inside the unit, and may indicate that the refrigerator is not keeping the correct temperature or that the air is not circulating well.

Door Problems

The door of a commercial refrigerator needs to close securely every time, and stay closed. If you notice that it is difficult to get the door to shut tightly, or if you find it ajar after you have closed it, it’s time for professional repairs. It may be that something is stopping the seal from making contact as it should. It may be a problem with the seal itself. Or it may be a warp in the door. In any case, a refrigerator cannot keep things cool enough with a door that won’t stay shut.

Temperature Change

There are many things other than an open door that can cause the temperature in your commercial refrigerator to be outside the safe range for the products you store in it. One such possibility is low levels of refrigerant, a problem that absolutely must be addressed by a professional. When you’re concerned about your commercial refrigeration in Joliet, IL, you can rely on Johansen & Anderson to have technicians who are trained and licensed to handle chemical refrigerants safely. A refrigerator door that feels hot, an interior that doesn’t feel cool enough, or water droplets or condensation on the inside or the outside of the unit can all be signs that your temperature is incorrect. These clues definitely signal that your refrigerator should be evaluated for repairs.

An Aging Refrigerator

As it passes a decade of use, a commercial refrigerator is simply more likely to have problems functioning, just from routine wear and tear. This doesn’t mean you should immediately replace your ten-year-old unit. What it does mean is that you should be diligent about regular maintenance with an older refrigerator, and watch more closely for any of these signs that repair is needed urgently. With our commercial maintenance agreements, you can rest easy in the knowledge that our technicians will help your refrigerator to stay in top condition for as long as possible.

Remember, regular maintenance and timely repairs can mean your commercial refrigerator will continue to operate for much longer, saving you the sudden and unexpected cost of replacing a unit that completely failed due to lack of maintenance. 

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