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3 Ways to Make Your Heating System Last Longer

We’ll admit it: shopping for a heating system isn’t exactly fun. You want to delay it for as long as possible, which means you will need to take preventative measures to keep your current furnace or boiler around for longer. Follow these three tips, which may help to improve on the lifespan of your heater, while keeping your bills as low as possible.

Change the Filter Regularly

If extending the life of your heating system is something you are serious about, don’t delay changing your air filter. A dirty filter has an impact on your comfort. It stops air from flowing through the system, which means airflow suffers in your home.

Moreover, low airflow stops the system from performing the way it was designed. Your furnace may malfunction when it is not able to heat up the air properly, potentially overheating and breaking down more frequently, causing increased wear and tear that reduces its lifespan. Change the filter every month!

Call Technicians at the First Sign of Trouble

If there is something wrong with your heating system, don’t wait to call technicians! This is the surest way to wear down your heater, as a broken furnace collects additional wear and tear the longer you let the problem go on.

Even if the problem seems small, like a strange noise in the furnace or a slight drop in temperatures, call technicians at the first sign of trouble.

Get on a Maintenance Plan

Joining a maintenance plan is one of the easiest and best ways to extend the lifespan of your system. You sign an agreement with a local contractor to get a set number of maintenance appointments (usually two per year) for a certain price. The contractor calls to remind you to schedule the services you’ve paid for, so you never miss a maintenance appointment!

Maintenance sessions typically include a cleaning and adjustment of some major components of your heating system. And this helps keep your heater running smoothly for longer.

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