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Water Heater Maintenance: Just As Important as Heating Maintenance

This time of year, we encourage everyone in our service area to have heating maintenance completed as soon as possible. But there is another service you may have neglected that we think is just as important.

A failed hot water heater could be quite problematic this time of year, especially if you have guests over for the holiday season. Make sure the hot water heater gets the maintenance it needs to run smoothly, with water heater maintenance from a qualified specialist in the Lockport area.

How Scaling Affects Your Water Heater

This is one of the main reasons to schedule water heater maintenance each and every year. Hard water leaves behind “scaling,” mineral deposits that can settle at the bottom of your water heater tank. This causes the pressure to change, which may result in a loud rumbling.

Moreover, the scaling can do irreversible damage to the tank. It could wear down the lining of tank, which may expose the metal to water and cause rust to develop faster. Scaling is also harmful to tankless water heaters. The mineral deposits can block the heat exchanger, reducing efficiency. Descaling is a routine part of water heater maintenance.

Potential Safety Issues

It’s also possible that your water heater has potential looming safety issues that you need to know about. Any system that runs on natural gas should be inspected occasionally to see that the connections are secure. In addition, there is the possibility that the system is not ventilating properly. Improper ventilation could allow for carbon monoxide to leak into your home and this is a toxic gas that gives off no odor or color.

In addition, it’s possible for a tank to explode! While rare, it has happened with some older tank water heaters that were not properly installed or service, so checking the pressure during a maintenance visit is always helpful. Only allow trained technicians to work on your water heater.

Repair Needs You Should Know About

Finally, maintenance visits help you to remain informed about the state of your water heater. If there is something wrong, you can get it fixed now, rather than waiting for your water heater to break down completely or start to leak.

Something like a worn-down anode rod can cause the tank to corrode faster. Technicians will notice this during an inspection and recommend a replacement. This can keep your water heater tank around for years longer! It’s always better to find problems early than to wait for a system breakdown.

Johansen & Anderson Inc offers heating and water heater maintenance services throughout the Lockport, IL area. We’re also proud to have been selected for The Herald-News 2016 Best of Will County Readers’ Choice Award for Heating & Air Conditioning!

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