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5 Noises You Shouldn’t Hear from Your Furnace

On a normal day, your home’s furnace might make a little noise as it starts up, when it’s turning on, and then when it turns off. You can always expect to hear some noise from the furnace. The thing about this noise is that it should never be disruptive. In fact, it should be something that only people with a keen ear really notice. If the noises that your furnace makes are scaring the likes of you, your family members, and even your furry friends, you need to schedule an appointment with our team.

Weird furnace noises are your furnace’s way of asking for help. Don’t ignore a genuine plea for assistance. Instead, contact our team members for the work you’re looking for. We specialize in furnace repair in Plainfield, IL.

Sounds to Listen Out For

Be aware of these sounds and contact a professional when you notice them:

1. Squealing

High pitched squeals are a sound that should be reserved for animals. If you hear it coming from your home’s heater, then you’re hearing the sound of your home’s furnace issues. What your heater is probably experiencing is a worn belt or even damaged bearings.

If it’s a worn belt, it’s a pretty easy fix with the help of a professional. Worn belts can easily be replaced with the aid of a professional. If you have damaged bearings, they either need to be replaced or lubricated. We’ll help you in this process.

2. Grinding

Any mechanical grinding sound that you hear is bad news. In fact, we think it’s a great measure to turn off your heater if you notice this sound. Grinding is such a bad sign because it means that either the blower fan or a broken bolt is in trouble.

A loose fan can start to grind against other parts of your home’s heater. Broken bolts create a grinding sound because their hardware moves out of place.

3. Rattling

Rattling is typically the sound of a part that’s gone off the rails. You have a loose part in your system moving around. This isn’t just a sound that’s annoying. In reality, this loose part can impact other parts of your home’s heating system. Rattling isn’t something you should ignore.

4. Banging

Now, you might think that banging is the sound of a loose part. We hear this pretty often from homeowners. In actuality though, the banging that you’re hearing is ignition failure or maybe even pilot light issues. These are two significant problems that need professional care. You don’t want to let either get worse with time.

5. Silence

Now, this is a “sound” that’s unlike all the others that we’ve listed. Technically speaking, the “sound” that you’re hearing is the absence of sound. Silence means that your heater probably isn’t functioning. If you need help getting your home’s heater to start up, we’re going to help you repair your heater so that your home starts working well again.

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