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7 Noises You Shouldn’t Hear from Your Heater

We’re all accustomed to certain sounds coming from our homes. The sound of your kettle bubbling up in the morning, the soft click of your thermostat kicking off your heater, or even the creak of that floorboard by the door are all comforting sounds. This is because they’re all indicative of your home. Although certain sounds are to be expected, you should never hear loud, disruptive noises.

If you’re looking for furnace repair in Plainfield, IL, you want to start with the professionals on our team. Sometimes, it can be difficult to differentiate between sounds that are okay and sounds that are bad news. We’re going to draw the line in the sand today.

You Don’t Want to Hear This

Here are several sounds you never want to hear coming from your home’s heater.

1. Banging

Are you hearing some loud banging noises coming from your home’s heater? Your home’s heater could “bang” when the unit kicks on. This is normally due to the temperature change going on within the vents. You’re hearing rapid expansion or contraction inside of a metal duct. While this is normal, consistent banging is not.

Loud persistent banging might mean that something is going on with your home’s pilot light. You should have a professional address these issues as soon as possible.

2. Whistling

Your heater shouldn’t whistle when it works. If it does, then what you’re hearing is air moving through places that it shouldn’t. You might have a punctured duct, a blocked return, or some other type of obstruction in your home’s vents.

3. Knocking

If you’ve noticed that your home is making a “clunking” or “knocking” noises, then some part of your home’s heater has gone rogue. Sometimes, different parts of your heater can become misaligned and parts of your home’s heater start to touch that shouldn’t. You don’t want to let this go unchecked.

4. Rumbling

If your heater turns on and then it starts to sound like a rainstorm is on the way, then this means you’re dealing with incomplete furnace cycles. It might just sound like a rumble to you, but it’s going to create big problems with your heater. This includes repair problems down the line.

5. Squeaking

You might think that squeaking is just a sign that some part of your heater needs a little lubrication. This isn’t really the case though. Squeaking is the sound of one part of the heater wearing down.

6. Humming

Do you hear an odd humming coming from your home’s heater? Loud humming sounds are most likely indicative of deeper electrical issues going on with your home’s heater. You don’t want to ignore this problem because it can quickly spiral into a bigger issue. We’re here to help with whatever you need.

7. Silence

This one isn’t exactly like the others, but it’s still a problem. Silence isn’t something that you want to hear. Your heater should make some noise. If it isn’t, then it’s nonoperational and you definitely need to call.

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