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Out with the Old, In with the New: Is It Time for a New Furnace?

inside-a-gas-furnaceWe’re a little far out from the new year now, but you should still keep the idea of leaving behind what doesn’t service you close to your heart. Hopefully, you’ve made some necessary changes and you’ve stuck to your resolutions. A lot of the time, the improvements people want to make are personal, but we want to bring attention to your home. Today, we want to bring you a suggestion to improve your home comfort: schedule an appointment for furnace service in Bolingbrook, IL.

We know that the process of furnace replacement doesn’t seem like it’s a treat, but we’re going to make sure you get the service you need. Our professionals are well-versed in what you need because they are local, seasoned professionals. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.

Is It Time to Let It Go?

It’s not always obvious when you need to upgrade to a new heater. Here are a few signs that you should consider a new furnace for your home.

Your Unit Is Over the Age of 10

No heater can last forever no matter how gingerly you treat the unit. After ten to fifteen years with your heater rolls around, it’s time for you to start considering a new heating system for your home. You don’t want to wait until you’ve got a huge breakdown on your hands. Save yourself money and headache with a timely replacement.

You’ve Got Excessive Dust

Do you feel like you have to dust your home every single day? Excess dust, soot on the inside of your furnace system, or rust developing on the outside of your unit, are all signs that you should consider switching to a new heating system. It’s a subtle symptom of a real heating problem.

You Have Uneven Heating

Your bedroom feels like a meat locker, but your foyer and living room are so hot that you’re inspired to start a hot yoga studio right from your home … what’s going on? You’ve got uneven heating and cooling at the hands of your heating system. If this has been a persistent problem in your home, then it’s time to call us for what you need.

Your Furnace Is Noisy

Furnaces make a little noise from time to time, but there should never be loud, alarming noises that grab your attention when you’re at home. If this is something you notice, you should call our team. Watch out for noises like rattling, buzzing, banging, clicking, or humming.

You Have Rising Energy Bills

The thing about your heating bills is that there’s really no reason for them to rise unless you start running your heater in a way that’s drastically different. If everything is the same, but your energy bills are higher and higher each month because of your heater, then it’s time to call us because you are having trouble with your heater efficiency.

Contact Johansen & Anderson Inc today for the service that you need at home. We’ll make furnace replacement a breeze. Call J&A today, sleep-tight tonight.

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