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Why Your AC Makes That Sound

Now that spring is here, we’re sure that you’re gearing up your air conditioner for the season ahead. In a perfect world, you’d never run into problems with your air conditioning system. In our world, however, it’s highly likely that you’ll encounter an issue or two with your air conditioning system. That’s when our professionals can step in to help you out. 

We know our stuff when it comes to AC repair in Lockport, IL. If your air conditioning system is noisy this season, then it’s time to have one of our team members handle things. We’re around whenever you need us for any type of AC service.

Listen for These Warning Sounds

Here are the sounds from your air conditioning system that you should watch out for this summer:


Does your air conditioner make a high-pitched squealing sound when it runs? This is a noise that should be looked into as soon as possible. This is a sound that you’re going to hear when there is high internal pressure within your air conditioning system. This is also a sound that stems from a worn fan belt or motor bearings. Squealing due to worn motor bearings is something that our professionals can handle with fast repairs. If we replace the motor bearings, it will prevent the motor from burning out, which is a much more expensive repair.


Buzzing is a sound that we suggest that you handle as soon as possible because it’s typically indicative of an electrical issue. You might have a problem developing somewhere inside your air conditioning system with motors or the control board. Buzzing is also a sound that you might hear when the air conditioner is experiencing a refrigerant leak. If this sound is coupled with low airflow and warm air blowing when you want it to be cool, then we suggest call for the help of a professional right away.


Clicking sounds are something that might be normal to hear as long as your air conditioner is starting up or powering down. Clicking sounds are a cause of concern because they typically point to an electrical issue, most typically a problem with failing capacitors and a hard starting compressor. Clicking can also point to a malfunctioning thermostat. No matter what issue it is, you need a professional to sort through this problem. We know there are many articles and videos instructing you on how to upgrade your thermostat, but this isn’t something we suggest. 


The last thing you want to hear from your air conditioning system is hissing. This usually means there is a refrigerant leak somewhere—and leaking refrigerant will eventually lead to the compressor burning out. No matter what’s going on, our professionals can figure out the source of the issue and make sure that it’s handled properly. We’ll see your AC is kept in the best possible shape so you can sail through summer with peace of mind.

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