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Top Signs of Impending Furnace Trouble

inside-a-gas-furnaceIf you’ve ever run into an unexpected furnace problem in the past then you know how much of an inconvenience it can be. You’ve probably wished you could just look into a crystal ball of some sort and see any impending furnace trouble you might have during winter far out on the horizon. Although we don’t have a crystal ball for you to look into here at Johansen & Anderson Inc, we do have some other options. If you know all the most common warning signs of furnace trouble, then you can intervene early on and avoid a major repair problem.

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A Few Signs That Your Furnace Is in Trouble

We know it’s not always so obvious when your furnace system is in trouble. So here are a few signs that you’ve got a budding issue and a repair problem in your near future.

You Hear Odd Sounds

Do you ever notice some odd sounds in your home when you run your heater? Your heater shouldn’t be something that you hear too often. Sure, this system isn’t ever something that’s going to be completely silent. However, you shouldn’t notice something like buzzing, banging, squeaking, or rattling sounds. If you do notice these sounds, then it means it’s time to call our professionals.

Something Smells Off

Do you ever notice gas or burning smells in your home? This is a major sign of trouble and it can be a detriment to your health. If this is a problem you’re experiencing, it’s important to contact a professional as soon as possible.

Your Bills Are Way Too High

It’s important to note that even when the temperatures start to dip outside, your heating bills should always remain within a reasonable range. It’s your heater’s job not only to provide you with heating, but to provide you with cost-effective, reliable heating. If your bills are peaking, it’s more than likely because you’ve got a problem with your efficiency levels. Contact us when you need quality work.

Professional Service Gets the Job Done Right

It’s important to note that it’s not always about getting the job done. It’s about getting the job done right. You want to make sure that you schedule an appointment with our professionals for your heating services because our technicians are always going to be thorough, prompt, and reliable. If you opt for amateur work or even try to service your home’s heater on your own, you’re putting yourself at risk of being in an even worse place than where you started. Make sure you schedule an appointment with us when you need quality work. We’ll see that we always get the job done right.

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