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It’s Never Too Early to Prep for Spring

tulips-in-springApril might seem a little early for air conditioning preparation. After all, you’re probably still rushing out to your car in the morning in your winter clothes to beat the chilly temperatures. But trust us, that balmy, all-consuming Orland Park heat is right around the corner. It will be the season of short sleeves and barbecues in the park before you know it. If you are one of those people who procrastinate on things, take this as a sign to kick the habit!

You can contact our team today to schedule an appointment with our expert technicians. We’re always prepared to give you the best AC services in the area that will keep you cool throughout the hot and sunny season. If you’re looking for quality air conditioning in Orland Park, IL, then make sure that you contact our team today!

What Does Maintenance Do?

If you’ve talked to any HVAC professional, then you know that maintenance services are good for your system. But what does maintenance really do for you? Annual AC tune-ups do the following:

  • They reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home due to the boost in efficiency
  • They extend the life of your equipment
  • They minimize system failures
  • They verify the safe operation of all your equipment
  • They grant your preferred customer priority with our team
  • They help you accrue credit toward a future system replacement
  • They ensure full warranty coverage

A lot of the time, homeowners might think about memberships as an unnecessary expense. After all, why schedule an appointment with a professional to spend money on an air conditioner that seems to perform just fine? The operative word here is “seems.” There are likely problems brewing under the hood if you haven’t had service in a while and you won’t be able to see them if you don’t have a professional eye.

You Can Join Our Comfort Club

We offer two levels of membership at our company. This includes:

The Gold Membership

  • An annual tune-up of your heating and cooling system
  • A reminder to call to schedule this appointment
  • A 15% discount off service repairs
  • $25 in annual equipment credit
  • Priority Emergency response
  • Agreement is transferable

Platinum Membership

With a Platinum membership, you get all the benefits of a Gold membership plus:

  • No hassle maintenance
  • All services included
  • All parts included (with certain exceptions)
  • $50 in equipment credit

If you’re looking to stay on top of the quality of heating and cooling in your home, we strongly recommend that you join our maintenance program (the Comfort Club Membership). Sometimes, it’s easy for you to forget to schedule the maintenance appointments that you need. If this is your problem, then not only will we be there to remind you, we’ll be there to provide you with cost-effective maintenance services as well.

It’s really never too early to get your home ready for spring. If you want your home to remain cool in hot temperatures make sure to contact our team at Johansen & Anderson Inc. today to schedule an appointment.

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