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What Does That Noise Mean?

Woman-covering-her-ears-from-loud-noiseYou turn on your air conditioner to cut through the still heat of a Plainfield afternoon and there’s that weird sound … you don’t know exactly what’s going on, but you know that something is off. But you don’t know if it’s so “off” that you need to call up an air conditioning professional.

If you walk away from this blog remembering only one thing, make sure it’s this: any air conditioning sound that’s out of the ordinary is enough reason to call a professional. Your air conditioner shouldn’t pick up new tricks over time. If it does, then it means that you need to call us for AC repair in Plainfield, IL.

A Few Troubling AC Noises

Here are a few air conditioning noises that you might have heard in your home. Today we’ll dive into why they’re happening and what this means for your air conditioner functionality.

1. Buzzing

Have you noticed that your home’s air conditioner makes an odd buzzing noise when it runs? An air conditioner shouldn’t ever do this. Buzzing is a sign of electrical issues. If you’ve noticed that you’re having issues with buzzing in your house, then it’s time for you to come to our professionals. Buzzing is a warning sign of an issue that can quickly lead to other AC problems.

2. Whistling

Hearing your air conditioner whistling is typically a sign that you have problems with your home’s ductwork. Whistling is an issue. You need our professionals to investigate the problem you’re experiencing to get to the bottom of it.

3. Banging

Is there a weird banging noise happening whenever you run your AC system? Banging is either the sign of a failing compressor or a loose part. If this is something that you’re experiencing, you need to call us sooner than later.

4. Clicking

Your air conditioner might make a clicking noise upon startup. If you notice that clicking is happening as the air conditioner runs, then it’s a problem you’re having with your air conditioner’s electrical connections. Don’t ignore this. It could quickly lead to a breakdown.

5. Gurgling

If your air conditioner sounds like it’s rinsing out its mouth at the end of a dentist appointment, then you’ve got a problem on your hands. Gurgling is a sign that your refrigerant line is suffering and it’s affecting other parts of your system.

6. Chirping

If your air conditioner has started to make the same sounds a bird would, it means an impending repair issue. The problem either stems from dry motor bearings, a worn-out fan belt, or failing coils. All of these are issues that need your immediate attention to avoid a bigger issue.

7. Squealing

Is your home’s air conditioner making a squealing noise like it’s under attack? There might be something wrong with your air conditioner’s connections or bearings. Squealing isn’t a sound you ever want to hear. If you notice this, then you need to address it as soon as possible.

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