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Guess That AC Problem! What the Noises You’re Hearing Mean

Woman-covering-her-ears-from-loud-noiseSummer is here in Orland Park! We’re sure that you’ve turned on your air conditioner at least once by now. If you’re having trouble with the quality of your air conditioner in your home it’s time to contact our team. There are a few big warning signs that you need air conditioning repair and one of the clear warning signs is loud air conditioning sounds.

You should never be able to describe your air conditioner as “noisy.” At most, you should hear the whooshing sound of air moving through the vents and the whirring noise of the fans interrupted with the whir of the compressor. If you need great air conditioning repair in Orland Park , IL you can contact our team today for service.

Troublesome Air Conditioning Sounds and Their Causes

Here are a few common air conditioning sounds that indicate a substantial problem.


Squealing is noise that you shouldn’t hear when your air conditioner runs. If you notice this noise coming from your unit, then you definitely have a problem. This is normally an issue that comes and goes but can become more persistent the more often you use your air conditioner. If you’re hearing this noise, it means that your fan belt is out of place or incredibly worn.


You might hear a faint clicking noise when your air conditioner turns on or off, but you shouldn’t ever hear clicking while the unit is running. If you do, then it’s probably due to a problem with an obstruction within your outdoor unit. Don’t go spelunking into your air conditioning unit on your own. Make sure you contact our team to rectify the issue.


Do you hear any bubbling or gurgling noises while your air conditioner runs? If you hear this noise in your home, you know how frustrating it can be because it’s so hard to tell where the noise is coming from. Gurgling is a clear indication that you have trouble with some liquid in your system. This noise is likely due to a problem with your condensate drain or a refrigerant leak.


Are you hearing a noise that you can describe as clanging, banging, rattling, or knocking? No matter what way you’d describe it, this is a big problem in your home. It’s more than likely due to an obstruction near your outdoor unit’s fan. The sound you’re hearing is this loose part hitting the protective cage surrounding your unit. Make sure that you have a professional service your unit when you have this issue.


If your air conditioner turns on and makes an alarming, screeching noise, there’s probably a deeper issue with the outdoor component of your air conditioning system. The sound of metal on metal is never good. If the sound persists, it means that the fan motor might need replacement. If this is the case then you need a professional to really assess your system.

Do you need air conditioning repair services in the Joliet area? Contact our team at Johansen & Anderson Inc today to schedule an appointment.

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